Rick Scott’s Campaign Ads Lie About Florida Schools’ Testing “Success”

By Leslie Postal of Orlando Sentinel, 09/24/2018:

Gov. Rick Scott’s education ad brags that Florida is “first in the nation” for fourth-grade reading and math scores.

It’s not.

The ad, released two weeks ago as part of Scott’s campaign for U.S. Senate, also says Florida is first for eighth-grade reading.

… On those NAEP exams, sometimes called “the nation’s report card,” four states did better on the fourth-grade reading test than Florida, six states were ahead of the Sunshine State for fourth-grade math, and 24 did better in eighth-grade reading.

… But in the ad, Scott, standing in front of what looks like a classroom whiteboard, says, “Fourth-grade reading and math scores, first in the nation. Eighth-grade reading, first. … I like it when Florida’s first.”

… The campaign did not respond to follow-up questions about the ad.

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