Rick Scott Is “A Model of Inconsistency as Florida Governor”

Rick Scott calls Trump, not Obama after shooting

By By Steve Bousquet and Steve Contorno, of Tampa Bay Times, 09/26/2018:

The Rick Scott who’s running for the U.S. Senate in 2018 often bears only a hazy resemblance to the newcomer who burst on the scene and became governor of Florida eight years ago.

On a wide range of issues, Scott has shifted positions to adapt to changing political times, defying the conventional wisdom that Republican voters require rigid ideological purity from elected leaders.

By spending tens of millions of dollars on paid TV ads and relentlessly barnstorming the state in his private jet, the Republican governor has repackaged himself as he faces the toughest fight of his career against three-term Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

… “Scott is taking a page from Donald Trump’s political playbook,” said the Sierra Club’s Frank Jackalone. “When he’s got a position of weakness, he turns around and blames his opponent for his own mistake.”

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