Rick Scott’s First Nine TV Ads Are “Mostly False”

From Scott Maxwell of Orlando Sentinel, 09/28/2018:

If I told you there were lies in politics, it would probably shock you about as much as if I told you there’s water in the ocean.

This campaign season, however, we’re seeing something more extreme — falsehoods in nine of the nine Rick Scott ads vetted by the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checkers at Politifact.

Yes, nine out of nine.

… “Lies” isn’t a word I use casually. But when one of the most acclaimed fact-checking services in America labels nine ads “False,” “Mostly false” or “Pants on Fire,” what would you call it?

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2 Replies to “Rick Scott’s First Nine TV Ads Are “Mostly False”

  1. Thanks, Scott, for keeping things honest! SO glad that there’s someone out there calling foul in this stench-filled race. Keep it up.

  2. Scott is a POS. A racist and traitor!! He is responsible for the red tide!! He is doing nothing to stop the rise of the ocean due to climate change because he doesn’t believe in climate change

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