Rick Scott’s Investment Portfolio Includes Companies with Ties to Florida’s Government

From Gary Fineout, via the Associated Press, 10/04/2018:

During his nearly eight years in office, Scott was required to file forms disclosing his investments. Now that he is running for U.S. Senate, however, his wife is also required to reveal her own investments — and they seem to mirror those in Scott’s trust.

… The documents also show that Scott’s investment portfolio has at times included holdings in companies with ties to Florida’s government, including a fund tied to the state’s largest public utility; a credit fund run by the parent company of a high-speed rail line being built in the state; a company that provides drugs to the state’s Medicaid patients and a company that donated land to a new state university. Some of the exact amounts aren’t known because they are reported in ranges, but the investments have varied in size from tens of thousands of dollars to at least $1 million.

… Scott says he has no knowledge of his wife’s financial transactions. Yet documents show that a real estate transaction in Texas involving the first lady and one of Scott’s daughters, was notarized by Diane Moulton, one of Scott’s top aides who works in an office next to the governor.

… Florida has never had a governor as wealthy as Scott, who uses his own personal jet to travel and does not collect a state salary. He has routinely filed disclosures with the state, but when he filed federal disclosures they showed the family’s wealth is much greater than previously indicated. In addition to Scott’s more than $232 million, Ann Scott declared at least $170 million worth of assets.

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