Rick Scott Has Used His Political Office to Enrich Himself, Costing Floridians Dearly

From numerous sources, this time the Sun Sentinel‘s Randy Schultz, 10/23/2018:

Rick Scott “owns three percent of Conduent’s stock,” the contractor responsible for SunPass toll collections.

For six months, SunPass users have endured billing errors and customer service problems. Yet the Florida Department of Transportation, which Scott supervises, did little. The state finally announced in August that it would fine Conduent $800,000. The contract is worth $343 million.

… His net worth alone increased $83 million last year.

Among Scott’s other policy-related investments:

  • A natural gas pipeline that benefits Florida Power & Light. FPL has been one of Scott’s biggest corporate donors, and Scott’s appointees to the Public Service Commission have ruled consistently for FPL, including approval of the pipeline;

  • A mortgage security firm whose value went up as foreclosures increased. Under Scott, Florida was slow to apply for federal assistance to homeowners under an Obama administration program;

  • Puerto Rico’s electric utility. Scott has been advising the island territory on recovery from Hurricane Maria;

  • A pharmaceutical company accused of inflating prices for its Hepatitis C drug. Under Scott, Florida’s Medicaid program stuck with the drug when other states sought cheaper alternatives. The state has paid the company nearly $800 million;

  • Brightline’s high-speed rail service from South Florida to Orlando and perhaps on to Tampa. Scott refused $2.4 billion during the Obama administration for a high-speed link between Orlando and Tampa. He now supports such a service;

  • An auto plastics company that Scott controlled and was sold in 2017 to a Japanese conglomerate, contributing to that jump in his net worth. In 2013, Scott made a trade visit to Japan and met with two of the prospective buyers.

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