Rick Scott Is Trying to Delay His First Day in the U.S. Senate, So He Can be Governor for Five Extra Days

By Brian Burgess of the Capitolist, 11/28/2018:

Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera may not get his official gubernatorial portrait painted after all. Sources close to Governor Rick Scott say that the soon-to-be U.S. Senator is considering a plan that would delay taking the oath of office in the U.S. Senate until January 8th, 2019, when he would hand over the governor’s office to the new governor, Ron DeSantis.

… Messages to Scott and his aides seeking confirmation of his plans were not immediately returned. But two sources with ties to Scott say that he is looking at different options that would allow him finish his full second term as Florida’s 45th governor while ensuring he doesn’t miss any crucial moments over those first five days that Congress is in session.

If Scott does decide to finish his gubernatorial term before heading to Washington D.C., he’ll have to make arrangements for a separate swearing-in ceremony. …

The question Scott must answer is which official duties – those of the Florida Governor in the waning days of his term, or those of a U.S. Senator at the dawn of his career in the nation’s capitol – are more important.

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