Rick Scott Is Less “Collaborative” Than His Successor, Says Florida Senate President

From Tampa Bay Times’ Lawrence Mower, 2/22/2019:

During a briefing with reporters this morning, state Senate President Bill Galvano praised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for being “more collaborative” with the Legislature than his predecessor, now-Sen. Rick Scott.

“It feels much more collaborative than it did under the last administration,” the Bradenton Republican said. “The last administration was very successful in many many ways. But it’s certainly a different style of relationship between the two branches, and I’m really looking forward to our work together.”

Galvano chalked it up to DeSantis’ time in Congress before deciding to run for governor last year.

“What helps his influence with the Legislature is the respect he has for the process, and I think a good bit of that comes from having served in a legislative body himself, albeit a very ineffective one,” Galvano said. “But he knows that we have to work together, and he’s working hard to at least let us know where the executive stands.”

On the day of his inauguration, DeSantis extended an olive branch to lawmakers in Tallahassee, complaining that in Congress, “The average member did not have much of a voice.”

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